From 2002 to 2005, a series of experiments using machine translation were conducted.
Data from the experiments were analyzed and research issues were clarified.
Each year, ICE proceeded with different strategy. For details, navigate with the menu bar on the top of this page or click the year of the project provided as bulleted list below. Experiment

In 2002, open source software development in mother languages was conducted.
In 2003, content creation experiment using machine translation was conducted.


Log data gathered in ICE2002 was analyzed.
  • Analysis on Human Mental Model toward Machine Translation System (Joint Research with AAMT)
  • Conversation Analysis in Online Project Meetings
  • Analysis & Development in Multilingual Area Based on MAGE(Multi-Agent Environment)
  • Analysis of Multilingual Collaboration Process via Machine-Translation
Design & Development

Toward ICE2005, this team design and develop practical intercultural collaboration environment which supports multinational project team.

  • Design of Collaborative Multinational Translation Wrapper
  • Cooperative Design of Project Specific Ontologies for Machine
  • TransSMS: A Multilingual SMS Tool Using in Mobile Environment
  • TransSearch: Translation Refinement on TransSearch using Information Extraction

In addition to above research themes, we map out a mid-and-long term intecultural collaboration strategies.
  • Software Development Project Management