We conducted several experiments to support Asia-Wide projects with machine translation.


We conducted the first experiment named ICE2002. In ICE2002, more than 40 people participated in this project : 32 students from Shanghai Jiaotong University (China), Kyoto University (Japan), Seoul National University and Handong University (Korea) and University of Malaya (Malaysia) developed open source software as a common task over the Internet.


We conducted the second experiment named ICE2003 (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Asia Broadband). In ICE2003, students and researchers from Kyoto University(Japan), Wakayama Universtity(Japan), Chinese Academy of Sciences(China), Beijing University(China), NTT and JST developed digital contents in their first language using machine translation.


In the next year, we conduct the third experiment - ICE2005. In ICE2005, we apply and evaluate the tools which are under development at the university and laboratory of each country. Unlike grand-scale experiments such as ICE2002 and ABB, ICE2005 is composed of many small experiments. ICE2005 is supported by Ministry of Education, NTT and NICT.

1. Industrial Track

We introduce some tools(such as Project Organizer, SPARK ) which are under development at Kyoto University and Wakayama University to Japanese campanies(Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., IBM, and so on) which practice offshoring in China. Through a use of tools, we will grasp the problem and improve tools. In principle, each university and company incurs the cost of development and introduction.

2. Academic Track

The purpose of this track is to evaluate the result of research at each university and create places in which we can conduct an international experiment. Moreover, universities and research institutes in Japan, China, Korea and Malaysia are connected to each other and extend a network. ICE2005 Workshop was held in Kyoto University on March 8th and 9th, 2005. The workshop program is here.


- Project Organizer
- Spark