In ICE2002, we used following tools for multilingual communication.

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Multilingual Communication tool: TransWEB and TransBBS

TransBBS enables the participants (in different countries) to communicate in their own native languages. TransBBS is a Bulletin Board System, which incorporates multilingual translation. Specifically, the TransBBS translates each participant's remark into Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean and Malay. Each participant may choose the language when viewing a message. In order to use the TransBBS, participants are first required to sign up. Here, participants are asked for their e-mail addresses and their native languages. Participants are expected to create usernames, which are identical or part of their real names. You can view a demo system in action by clicking here. (It may take a while for the movie to start. So please wait.)

The purpose of TransBBS in the experiment is as follows.
Participants are expected to discuss software design over TransBBS using their own native languages. Specifically, all the discussions or remarks in electronic form should be posted to the TransBBS. Participants may create new discussion threads (discussion rooms) as they wish.

TransWEB enables the participants to read all the Web pages in their native languages. When one inserts an URL and chooses language pairs (the language of the URL and his/her native language), he/she attains a Web page, which is translated into his/her native language.

The purpose of TransWEB in the experiment is as follows.
Participants are expected to write a software design documents in their own native languages, and present them on their Web pages. Since the documents are written in their own native languages, participants in other countries are encouraged to use the TransWEB for translating the documents. TransWEB is only able to translate HTML documents, and thus, participants are expected to create documents in HTML. Here, participants can transform window's document files (*.doc) into HTML documents by saving the document as HTML type.