Intercultural Collaboration Experiment 2002 (ICE2002) is a collaborative experiment project among Asian multinatiolnal team.
More than 40 people participated in this project, 32 students from Shanghai Jiaotong University (China), Kyoto University (Japan), Seoul National University and Handong University (Korea) and University of Malaya (Malaysia) developed open source software as a common task over the Internet.
In ICE2002, multilingual communication tools using machine translation technology, named TransBBS and TransWeb were provided to participants. They made the most of these tools, finally, achieved their goal that is an open source software development and submitted each collaboration tools as the outcomes.
As a result of ICE2002, we've got a lot of research issues to achieve the real multinational collaborative environment. ICE2002 is a first stage of these research issues, and we believe it is a big step to achieve our goal in 2005.

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ICE2002 Brief Introduction

ICE2002 1st Track
ICE2002 1st Track

ICE2002 2nd Track
ICE2002 2nd Track