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On behalf of the G30 project team at Kyoto University, we welcome you and wish you a successful school year ahead.


In 2008, the Government of Japan announced the "300,000 Foreign Students Plan," which calls to increase the number of foreign students in Japan from the current 120,000 to 300,000 by the year 2020.

In the aim of creating a multilingual and multicultural community which will accommodate and foster the needs of both foreign and Japanese students with necessary support, guidance and information, the Graduate School of Informatics has designed the G30 Community site with a number of innovative tools and services. We know that every beginning is hard, especially when you are away from your home environment, which is why we have designed the G30 Community around a multilingual and multicultural environment that takes advantage of a series of multilingual machine translation tools, forums, blogs, event updates and file sharing functions.

In our efforts of bringing the world closer together, creating and stimulating prosperous working conditions we truly hope that you take full advantage of the features our community has to offer, during your academic life at Kyoto University.
This will make the accomplishment of your goals much easier while building strong ties within the multicultural G30 Community.

So, without any further a due...