[Workshop Goal]
The primary aim of this workshop is to facilitate the collaboration among researchers on multi-agent simulation (MASim) and data mining (DM). While MASim researchers have simulation and modeling technologies, DM researchers have analytical and knowledge retrieval techniques. There is the complementary relationship between MASim and DM researches so that the ultimate goal of this workshop is to create new multi-agent research area by synthesizing two different areas.

[Technical Issues]
Multi-Agent simulation is primary technology in AI. MASim methodologies/technologies have not been sufficiently mature though, its scientific significance is getting quite high to understand and analyze complex large-scale systems, such as human societies. Data mining is another primary AI technology to retrieve hidden information or knowledge from big data. However, real data for the mining does not always include essential elements of a target complex system. Thus, a simulation is promising way to generate meaningful data which is hard to obtain in the real world.

When we try to understand diverse complex systems such as a human brain, social systems, Internet, and WWW, it is not enough to simply dig out knowledges from the vein of data. It is required to establish new “constructive data mining process” consisting of iterative processes of the generation of data veins and exploration of new knowledge from them. Therefore, we try to harness multi-agent simulation and data mining technologies and find the best mix of MASim and DM technologies.

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