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Ishida & Matsubara Laboratory at Kyoto University pursues artificial intelligence, service computing, and human interface technologies to realize collective intelligence for designing novel social information systems.

Unlike current research activities into forming collective intelligence, this research aims at integrating and coordinating "humans," "agents," and "knowledge," in a service-oriented framework to systematically create collective intelligence for realizing social information systems. We have two major research components.

  • One is collective decision making based on multiagent systems; modeling the human decision making process as agents, matching incentives to encourage humans in developing collective intelligence, and predicting the formation of collective intelligence by multiagent simulations.

  • The other component is collective knowledge structuring based on semantic Web; structuring service ontology by regarding knowledge as services, and supervising the execution of services in abstract workflows.

Participatory platform for collective intelligence is to be developed to actually build social information systems in various fields including transportation, education, and the economy. Especially, we have been working on intercultural collaboration since 2002, created a practical multilingual infrastructure called the Language Grid, and formed an international research group with students worldwide.


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2013 Group Photo

2013 Ishida & Matsubara Laboratory Group Photo

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